First Case Report of Early Neonatal Acute Laryngitis Due to Neisseria subflava

We recently reported in this journal a rare case of laryngomalacia associated with upper respiratory tract infection by <i>Corynebacterium kroppenstedtii </i>in the early neonatal period. In the present report, an infant was hospitalized with hoarseness from the early postnatal period and diagnosed as having acute vocal cord (laryngitis) inflammation and pneumonia caused by an extremely rare infection of <i>Neisseria subflava</i>. Similar to our previous report, we dilated the larynx and used a laryngoscope normally used by neonatologists to observe the larynx. The red inflamed areas of the larynx and yellow secretions from the respiratory tract were directly sampled and cultured to identify the causative organism. Because we are keenly aware of the importance of this rare but basic technique of “sampling from the lesion itself”, we would like to report the present case to the same journal.

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Author: Toshihiko Nakamura

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