First Case of a Neonatal Pharyngeal Infection by Corynebacterium kroppenstedtii

Corynebacterium discovered in 1998, with only 35 hits on PubMed. Among them, most of the reports are about the causative bacteria of granulomatous mastitis. Other than that, there was only one case of the founder’s sputum sample, bacterial endocarditis, and Jones tube infection in ophthalmology and this report is the first case for neonatal pharyngitis. Since this is the first case in neonates, it may be said that this bacterium is the causative bacterium. However, this time, we performed laryngeal mirror examination under direct vision in the search for the cause of the initial symptoms of hoarseness, confirmed yellow sputum-like mucus at the same site as the redness near the epiglottis, swabbed the substance, and performed bacterial culture. C. kroppenstedtii is a lipophilic bacterium, and its pathogenicity in the pharynx cannot be scientifically proven in this case report, but unlike routine culture in which the pharynx is swabbed blindly, the inflamed area can be aimed directly under direct vision. If newborns have symptoms of hoarseness or stridor, laryngeal mirror examination is
also a diagnostic method.

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Author: Toshihiko Nakamura

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